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Stanford to cease needing essay that is ACT/SAT

Stanford to cease needing essay that is ACT/SAT

University joins Harvard, Yale, other people in waiving requirement

Hannah Ronca/The Stanford Constant

On Thursday, Washington Post stated that, beginning in autumn 2019, Stanford and Princeton will not any longer require applicants to submit an ACT or essay score that is SAT. They get in on the ranks of Harvard, Yale, Dartmouth and University of north park in waiving the necessity in 2010.

University representative E.J. Miranda composed in a message into the frequent that the ACT or SAT essay score continues to be “strongly recommended,” despite no more being required.

“Coursework (such as for instance accelerated honors, AP, IB, and writing courses) will get more scrutiny and either the mandatory SAT or ACT would be the focus,” Miranda penned. “And, along side faculty, the office of admissions will look at options to advertise good writing.”

Signing up to Stanford next 12 months will be cheaper for pupils whom choose to not ever match the optional ACT/SAT percentage of the applying. Taking the essay that is SAT the full total price of the exam by as much as $17, whereas using the ACT essay raises the sum total expense by as much as $16.50. For the states and specific schools that are secondary buy their pupils to make the ACT or SAT, only a few pay money for the essay part. Pupils at these additional schools are now able to theoretically just take one free exam and meet the requirements to use to Stanford.

Stanford received total 47,450 applications, its most ever, with regards to the course of 2022, as well as the University admitted 2,040 pupils. The acceptance that is resulting of 4.3 per cent could be the lowest in Stanford’s history, down from 4.65 % for the course of 2021. Furthermore, 18.3 percent of Class of 2022 admits are first-generation students, the greatest percentage in Stanford’s history.

“This modification makes Stanford more available to pupils whom decide to connect with the college,” Miranda composed. “The essay/writing part may be a barrier to under-resourced candidates whom are struggling to simply just just take that percentage of the SAT or ACT either because of the more expensive or because some states usually do not offer a form of those tests which includes that part.”

Even though it additionally removed its ACT/SAT essay requirement, Princeton will now need all candidates to submit a graded writing test from senior school.

Other high-ranking universities gave up the standardized evaluating requirement years back. In 2015, Columbia, Cornell and Penn announced they’d waive the essay requirement. Final thirty days, University of Chicago waived its ACT/SAT evaluation requirement completely.

The faculty Board provides helpful tips to various universities’ SAT essay policies online. Based on the Princeton Review, 22 universities, including Duke additionally the UC System, nevertheless need an ACT or SAT essay.

Modify: Brown, the very last Ivy League to need an ACT or SAT essay rating, announced on July 10 it would no more require applicants to just simply just take either regarding the essays.

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This post happens to be updated to mirror that Brown no further calls for the essay percentage of the ACT or SAT.

A past form of this article misnamed University of hillcrest as UC north park. The frequent regrets this mistake.

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