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The ‘24x7ratings.com’ is created by the Sriandal Soft Media, a progressive techno-media startup with ‘think different’ approach. The idea of 24x7ratings is to provide the ‘hidden truth’ behind various products and services with the help of ratings generated by the people and for the people. It’s the language-independent, geography-independent portal which gives valid insights for you to take informed decisions. It’s the reflection of reality. In the world of products and services, what we need is ‘true ratings’ to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Currently, a countless number of sites give ratings. But mostly they are sellers of some products or services like Flipkart or Amazon. So, we can’t expect an honest opinion from their site. The intended site will wipe out that ‘conflict of interest’ by giving unbiased ratings. The people are motivated to know the ‘reality’. So, they take this initiative very seriously and they willingly take part in our mission of ‘creating fact-based portal’.

Neatly categorized sections will display different products and services. One can easily search and find any product or service with its ‘advanced search filters’. Smart-phones to Two Wheelers, Books to Movies, and Restaurants to Cab Services – the users can get the ratings for everything here. And, they can register their names to take part in our ratings / voting and surveys.
Besides, the site also gives an option to the users to participate in the sponsored surveys of different brands and earn attractive rewards. For the premium users (companies), the ‘24×7 ratings.com’ offer ‘brand analytics, where they can get info about the performance of their brands as well as their competitors.

The 24x7ratings is an all-encompassing platform for ratings / voting / survey and market research.

24x7ratings.com – Guides you to take intelligent decisions